Why is it worth it?

     Possibility of getting a full grant

     5 days in Wisła (Poland)

     4 certificates

About the training

This training course lasts 5 days and takes place in Wisła – one of the most beautiful places in the Polish Beskids. It is dedicated to owners and employees of electrical installation companies who want to implement professional systems (safe, flexible, and with a lot of integration possibilities) into their offer.

The total training duration is 40 HOURS broken down into:

  • theoretical training – 5 hours
  • practical training – 33 hours
  • theoretical exam – 30 minutes
  • practical exam – 90 minutes

The course participants receive special training suitcases with an electronic board that simulates an actual home automation installation.


The course is provided only in Polish. Basic electrical knowledge and computer skills are required from the training participants. Basic knowledge in the fields of electronics and alarm systems are also recommended. 

It is possible to get a grant covering the costs of this training in full (*provided that certain requirements are met). 

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